1. Tetracycline is expected to be taken just by people identified with a bacterial infection (i.e. an infection induced by the presence of germs in the body). It is not visiting address a viral infection such as flu or cold. This medicine could be taken a number of times a day - every little thing depends upon the guidelines of your healthcare company. Make sure you adhere to the suggestions really carefully, as otherwise you are not visiting take advantage of taking tetracycline. Take this medicine for as long as suggested - do not stop the treatment once you really feel better, as a relapse of infection is feasible. If you likewise need to take laxatives consisting of magnesium mineral, antacids, iron products, or calcium supplements, see to it at the very least 2 hrs pass from the moment you took your dosage of tetracycline. Negative effects are usual at the start for your procedure and could feature the complying with signs: inflamed tongue, throwing up, trouble swallowing, moderate queasiness, diarrhea, indigestion, vaginal itching, and sores or puffinessing in your genital or rectal area. The side impacts stated are moderate and not expected to change in intensity or get serious. Nonetheless, if they did not vanish after a number of days - make certain you inform your medical professional about them.